Feast on the Most Exotic Wines of Oldest Grape Variety Pinot Noir

One of the oldest known grapes in the world that comes in many colors is the Pinot Noir. It is a red wine grape variety whose name is derived from two French words meaning pine which points out to the cone-shaped bunch of this fruit and black for the color of berry.

Getting curious? Well, you should be as there is so much to know about it. 

To get acknowledged more about this mouthwatering fruit, you can take part in the class session by Denise Lowe renowned as the goddess of wine who has abundant knowledge about the maddening world of Pinot Noir and its many variations.

You can also indulge in exploring the Many Expressions of Pinot - Blanc, Gris, Grigio, Noir! at the session where you can feast your taste buds with the taste of distinct wines and baked treats. You can take notes on the information about the fruit. 

You just need to fulfill the eligibility criteria to be over 21 years to attend this class and play a minimal amount of class fee to be a part of this session.

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  • August 30, 2019
  • By admin